2018 Fashion Trend———Beret

When it comes to beret, you always recall the street photos in Paris. The history of the beret can be traced to 50th in 20th century. Beret hat has became the favorite of all fashion talent, especially the French elegance. If you don’t want to fall behind in fashion trend, and then, follow me , I would tell you how to fit your berets into your everyday attire.

Talking about berets, most of  us usually linked with a passionate and energetic military career. In fact, beret has nothing to do with the army, dating back to 15th century in France. Shepherds in the Pilois region of southwestern France generally wore a round Corn-less  caps called beret made of brown wool. The hat is handsome and practical, wearing it on the head to protect against the sun and rain,  to remove it you can wipe sweat, or to put it on the ground as a cushion.

The History of Beret

As foregoing sectors mentioned, beret hat has been popular for many years, which was defined as the classic fashion, such as French fashion icon sexy cat Brigitte Bardot and London super model Twiggy in 30th of the last century.

In 1968, British supermodel, singer Twiggy (Twiggy) wore berets.

In 1957, French singer, supermodel Brigitte Bardot wore berets.

In 1968, French actor Catherine Deneuve wore a beret and smoked.





Berets Fashion Street Shooting

Sometimes you don’t dress well enough because your details are not in place. And a delicate accessories can always give you great effect, such as hot berets this year that show upa retro fashion.

Supermodel Diane.Krugere is a beret super-lover, with a fresh plaid dress with a beret, that is retro and elegant style.

Rihanna has always been a bold dresser, this time, she dress with a red beret and purple lip gloss, and a T-shirt dress.

Berets Show

Fashion shows tend to be fashion prophets because they represent the forefront of fashion. The following shows us reasons that berets are destined to be the hottest accessories in 2018.

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Four Beret Styles Make You Look Beautiful!

Berets were originally British military caps, and later, the United States formed a special force with green berets as a symbol of clothing. During the war, different colors of berets represented different teams. Later, berets evolved into stylish accessories and became the synonymous of elegance.

Today, as a fashion item, the methods of beret wearing is also various, different drafts have different temperament, now,I shall teach you five fashionable style matches .

Casual Buckling Style

The casual buckling method is to directly fasten the beret on your head, do not deliberately adjust it and take the natural state. The hat looks natural and stereoscopic, but do not need to wear high, the 2~3cm above the eyebrow is beat. But you should pay attention to the direct buckling only suitable for the material of the more rigid berets.

The direct buckling is relatively simple, and it is easy to wear a great effect. This kind of wearing method is more suitable for matching casual clothing such as windbreaker, leather coat, coat and so on, that appears natural and graceful.


Military style

The beret itself evolved from the military cap, so the military dapper was considered the original wearing method of the beret. The military dapper was to expose the brim and put the hat’s body aside. This kind of dapper had the handsome and serious feeling of a soldier. But the asymmetrical sense of fashion is also eye-catching.

It is not difficult to wear a military beret, you just pay attention to the hat to one side and tilt slightly, this dapper is particularly suitable for suits, uniforms and suits, giving a experienced and handsome feeling.

The French style

French style is to wear a beret first, pull it down until the brim is covered, remember not to expose the brim outside, this kind of draft can be worn while you are wearing it or you can wear it diagonally.

To operate French style is more difficult, you will accidentally drop down the hat.so you should not be too low to wear it, but not just cover the top of the head, and you needs more practices to handle it.

In order to achieve the effect of French style, it is necessary to cover the brim, which is more ancient and elegant. It is suitable to match some women clothes, such as pencil skirt, buttocks skirt, suit, body repair coat and so on, which will emit a French romantic breath.

Sidelong Style

A classic style, that is, put the top of cap on the one side, from the front sight , the hat appears to tilt slightly. It is easy to operate, it can also modify the face shape, so ,it is a very practical one.

Oblique wearing is easy to match clothes, such as windbreaker, coat, suit and so on. the whole exudes the fashion fresh temperament.if you not satisfied with your own face shape, you may try this style. Because its modification effect of face shape is particularly good.