Save $600 with HTC One Max Black Friday Deal

HTC One MaxMeet the newest member of the “phablet” club, HTC One Max. At 5.9-inches, the display on this phone is one of the largest currently available, and it’s Super LCD 3 panel is being called “best in class” and “best on the market” by tech gadget enthusiasts. In general, this phone offers more than just beefy screen size. It also offers abundant performance, storage and utility perks. This phone normally retails for over $600 but you can get it as low as $0.01 from Sprint on Black Friday 2014. Here are a few favorite features:

DISPLAY: Optical lamination with Gorilla Glass 2 covering means stellar angle views and hefty durability. Vivid color reproduction, thanks to 373 pixels per inch, contributes to high definition video and crisp pictures.

AUDIO: The speakers on the One Max are spectacular! Dual amplifier-enhanced, front-facing BoomSound speakers and HTC’s own audio software contribute to clarity and capture the essence of sound in a truly remarkable way.

SOFTWARE: The One Max ships with HTC Sense 5.5 which includes many new tweaks, though it is still running on Android 4.3. A beloved feature is the BlinkFeed home screen, which allows the user to see a stream of updates from a variety of sources. Updates are arranged in a tiled format and the user can choose the source of the feed from specific sources (e.g., social media sites, news organizations) or from broad categories (e.g., business, technology, politics). Sense 5.5 makes navigating BlinkFeed’s categories easier.

CAMERA: Like the HTC One before it, the One Max comes equipped with an Ultrapixel camera featuring 2.0 micrometer pixels. The larger pixels help the One Max’s camera absorb more light than competing sensors. The camera app is one of the best on the market because of such features as the user having immediate access to video and image capture buttons, allowing the user to capture a full resolution image while recording video. The One Max also comes with HTC Zoe, which records a 4 second video clip.

PERFORMANCE: This device is no slow-poke! A 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 processor and 2GB of RAM mean several applications can be open simultaneously while downloading a high-definition 3D game, and speed and performance won’t be sacrificed. Instead of getting a slow laptop, why not take advantage of these offers by Sprint Black Friday 2014 and get the high performance smartphone for yourself?

HTC One Max for SprintOther Great Features that make it worthy buying on Black Friday: Trace typing, autocorrect and next-word prediction make the keyboard comfortably functional. The battery life is competitive with other phones on the market. To kill the battery in one day, one would need to stream approximately 9.5 hours of high definition movies over WiFi. A full 48 hours before needing a recharge is not uncommon. The fingerprint scanner sets this device apart from others in the HTC line-up. Located on the back of the device, below the camera lens, the scanner works by allowing the user to unlock the phone or jump to a specific app with a simple finger swipe. Alternately, the fingerprint scanner can take the place of a lock code. Set up of the scanner is a cinch.

Whether you agree or not, Black Friday is still the best day to shop for smartphones. The One Max is a solid performer and an intrepid competitor in the line-up of new-to-market smart phones. Amazing high definition display, a decent camera and a fingerprint scanner for added security are all added benefits to the phone’s respectably large screen size. Get this phone. It’s a winner. You will be a winner too when you grab other Verizon Wireless Black Friday deals for merely a penny!

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Black Friday
The two biggest shopping days of the year are quickly approaching, and if you are like most consumers, you are already trying to plan your shopping strategy. There is no question that you can find some truly amazing deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but you may be wondering if one day is a better shopping day than the other. The fact is that Black Friday traditionally marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season, and most consumers have more than enough items on their shopping list to purchase over these two days. However, if you want to get the absolute best deals available, you should keep a few things in mind.

Fabulous Deals on Both Days

Just a few years ago, Black Friday was the clear winner when it came to having the best deals on a wide range of merchandise. At that time, Cyber Monday was largely a day when clothiers listed hot deals on the Internet, but housewares, electronics and more were largely available at the best prices on Black Friday. According to DealNews, these two days are now fairly equal in terms of the merchandise available for sale and how significant the savings on the sales is.

Shopping for Quality

Many consumers love to shop online, but when it comes to picking out gifts for loved ones, they want to ensure superior quality in their selections. Many consumers have adopted a method of using the Internet to research Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals first. Then, they will head to the stores to touch the merchandise and to determine its quality up-front. Some will then decide to purchase the merchandise on Black Friday, but others may wait for a Cyber Monday deal. For those who are looking for premium smartphones at budget prices you will love what Verizon Wireless has to offer on these 2 most important shopping days of the year.

Shopping Early

Those who want to ensure that they have access to the absolute best deals often look for stores that begin their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving night. You may have numerous items on your shopping list, or perhaps you want to ensure that you get your hands on that one hot ticket item that is sure to go fast. A key advantage to shopping at local stores on Black Friday or on Thanksgiving night is that you can try to get a head start on the other shoppers who may also have their items on a limited supply product.

Avoiding Traffic and Lines

Cyber Monday
Perhaps the biggest advantage to shopping online is that you can avoid the hassles of crowded parking lots and long lines at the checkout stands. If you have ever visited a big box retailer on Black Friday, you no doubt have seen checkout lines trailing around store aisles at eye-boggling lengths. You can waste a lot of time on Black Friday standing in line, and the good news is that you don’t have to stand in line at all on Cyber Monday. You can easily bookmark the items you want to buy ahead of time, then walk through the online buying process within a matter of minutes. Some Cyber Monday deals are even now available as early as Black Friday, which enhances the benefit of shopping online. This may be one of the key reasons why almost two out of three retailers expect their online sales to increase by up to 15 percent or more this holiday season over last holiday season.

The bottom line is that you can find great deals in local stores and online from Thanksgiving evening until the end of Cyber Monday. However, many deals and special offers are available at certain times throughout this period. You can have a peek here to find out any additional coupons and discounts available online and in store. If you want to get the best deals possible, it is important to do your research ahead of time so that you know which items to purchase and when.

Save $100 on DROID MAXX with Verizon Wireless Promo Code

Not only Verizon Wireless is the best carrier in the North America it is also the exclusive wireless for the popular DROID smartphones made by Motorola. Those of you love the design and feel like the DROID Razr you will have no choice but select Verizon Wireless as your service provider. It’s actually a not bad choice since Verizon has the largest 4G LTE network in the United States and more reliable 3G network than any other carriers.

droid_maxxThe DROID Maxx was recently introduced and will cost you $300 with a new 2-year contract. However, by using the right Verizon Wireless promo code here and discount offers from third party retailers you should be able to knock the price down to just $200. That’s incredible for a high-end smartphone like the Maxx.

The biggest perk when you buy the DROID Maxx is battery life. Inside the 8.55mm thick smartphone you will find 3,500mAh battery that can work continuously for 48 hours with a single charge. I doubt anyone can talk or surf the web for 2 days straight. That means more time for you to watch HD movies. This is a huge improvement over the previous Razr Maxx HD that only last 32 hours. That means you can play your favorite movies all days long without interruption. And when it’s time to charge you can just place the device on wireless charging dock without having to plug it in an electric outlet.

Besides the longest battery life among all smartphones, the Droid Maxx is built with some of the strongest materials. It uses DuPont KEVLAR fiber that make the device more resistant to drops and scratches. And such materials are thin and light. In fact this smartphone only weighs 5.86oz. The 5 inch display uses Corning Gorilla Glass to ensure the best smartphone touchscreen experience for consumers.

The DROID MAXX is one of most powerful smartphone in the market today. It boasts eight-core X8 mobile computing system – 4 cores for graphic, 2 cores for apps, 1 core for computing, and 1 core for language. Each core manage specific types of tasks – that’s what make the phone so efficient and energy saving. With such powerful and advanced processors, multitasking on the Maxx can be easily accomplished. Stream popular song from Pandora or Spotify and use graphic intensive apps at the same time.

droid_maxx_side_viewAnother great improvement over the Maxx predecessor is the 10 megapixel camera. Although it doesn’t have the highest pixel count and some of the new Nokia smartphones, the low light sensor captures even the slightest details in a not so well-lit areas such as restaurants and at dusk. The entire screen is dedicated as view finder when it’s in camera mode, so there is no unnecessary buttons blocking your views. Simply tap anywhere on the screen to take a shot. Tap and hold to take continuous shooting.

Some other innovation you have never seen on other Android smartphones include wireless connection to your HDTV, Droid Command Center to stay informed of everything you need to know such as battery level, sound optimization based on the type of audio being played. With features like these you certainly won’t regret spending $300 on a brand new phone. Use your DROID MAXX promo code to pre-order the device today and save up to $100 from Verizon Wireless.